Merch Made Easy

What Is Merch Made Easy (MME)?

MME is a program for business owners that want to offer customized goods for their business without the headaches. Join today and let Wy-Co take the stress off your hands so that you can focus where it counts.

How MME Works?

  1. Set up MME branded product offerings with Wy-Co unique to your business.
  2. We will create a web page tailored to your business and provide you a QR code and PDF file to make showcasing your products a breeze.
  3. You direct customers with the QR code to your MME page to purchase your branded merch.
  4. We then makes and ships your branded merch directly to the customers door, taking the burden off your hands.

What are the benefits of MME?

  1. FREE advertising for your business as customers sport your merch.
  2. Takes the burden of purchasing/ handling/selling the merch off of your hands. No inventory to manage!!
  3. Saves you the upfront cost of buying inventory to resale.
  4. Keeps you from getting stuck with leftover unwanted colors/sizes/styles that just wont sell.
  5. Provides your customers with more options.
  6. Rollover Quantity Discount (RQD)- The more you sell, The more you save!

Rollover Quantity Discount (RQD)?

Merch Made Easy allows you as the business owner to use the total number of a particular product sold to your customers in the past year as purchasing power for your own Wy-Co orders.

For example, If Wy-Co has received 26 orders from your MME page in the last 365 days then you will be able to buy products from Wy-Co at the 24-59 unit pricing tier.

Keep in mind that in order to take advantage of this pricing we do require a 5 unit minimum order and the sale count is based on the past 365 day from the current date.

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